Manpasand Beverages Ltd. | ABOUT US
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Manpasand Beverages represents the successful story of a first generation visionary entrepreneur, Shri. Dhirendra Singh, who has built one of India’s fastest growing fruit juices company that has got the unique distinction of being the first pure play Company in the beverage sector in the Indian capital market. Under his able leadership, Manpasand is scaling new heights and has successfully carved a niche for itself in the ever-growing beverage market in India, by focusing on segments which have been hitherto ignored by big players. In its journey to capture the imagination of its market and consumers, Manpasand has certainly covered the road less travelled.

Manpasand has emerged as one of the major players in the juice industry and is slowly advancing out the regional player bracket. In the fast and ever-growing fruit-based beverages market in India, Manpasand Beverages today stands out as a proud Indian company giving firm competition to National and Multinational beverage players alike. A customer-centric approach, value-for-money offerings, strong focus on affordable price points, innovation and research, brand building, production capacity expansions and strong distribution strategies continue to remain as the Company’s major strengths. The company has co-created value for its various stakeholders. This was not `luck by chance.’ The company has consciously built this in its culture to `Deliver Value’ and in the process `Created Value’ as well as strong equity in its chosen segments.


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Our beverage brands are present in over 20 states through more than 400,000 retailers, over 2500 distributors and 200 plus super stockists. The company has seven operational manufacturing facilities: three at Vadodara (Gujarat), two at Varanasi (Uttar Pradesh) and one each in Dehradun (Uttaranchal) & Ambala (Haryana). Manpasand has not only enhanced its geographical footprint but is also on-track with respect to the expansion projects. With work on four new manufacturing units coming up at Sri City, the company intends to double its production capacity in the coming 12-18 months and also aims to reach out to newer markets, especially in north-eastern and southern India.

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Research and Innovation

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Ever since the beginning of the industrial age, this is by far the peak of `me-too’ era in every aspect. Products as well as manufacturing have virtually become on par for the forces operating in a market. In this hyper-competition era where technology is available off-the-shelf to whoever having money; the competing products as well as their attributes as also manufacturing facility have lost their edge. While Pricing can be defining factor, there’s a minimum threshold for it. In such a scenario, the real differentiator for a beverage company is the intensive research on innovative taste and flavours based on consumer preferences.

Innovation is a key driver of Manpasand’s growth strategy. With a modest budget at hand, Manpasand has dedicated itself to intensive R&D to bring out nutritious and healthier fruit drinks. At Manpasand Beverages, high-speed PET bottle lines and tetra pack lines are installed at multiple locations to ensure delivery of great fruit drink round the clock. Providing quality products that meets the desired standards of quality and food safety has been Manpasand’s top priority.