Manpasand Beverages Ltd. | FRUITSUP JUICE
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Can you squeeze a Nagpur orange in
off –season? Can you taste Nashik
Grapes all year round?

Yes, you can with Fruits Up range
of all natural fruit juices bottled
with a fizz.

Containing no synthetic base, no phosphorous, no
lead and no caffeine, Fruit’s Up packs the natural
nutrients in a fruit pulp drink for the health
conscious new-age Indian. The fizzy avatars of
Fruits Up –lemon, orange and grapes, are a hit with
the peppy millennial youngsters, offering a tasty
and healthy alternative to the regular colas and
artificially flavoured drinks. The Fruits Up family is
complete with an all-natural range of exotic Indian
fruit flavours – litchi, guava, mango and mixed fruit.
Make a glass of Fruits Up your daily healthy habit
and discover the refreshing and rejuvenating