Manpasand Beverages Ltd. | Research and Innovation
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Research and Innovation

Ever since the beginning of the industrial age, this is by far the peak of `me-too’ era in every aspect. Products as well as manufacturing have virtually become on par for the forces operating in a market. In this hyper-competition era where technology is available off-the-shelf to whoever having money; the competing products as well as their attributes as also manufacturing facility have lost their edge. While Pricing can be defining factor, there’s a minimum threshold for it. In such a scenario, the real differentiator for a beverage company is the intensive research on innovative taste and flavours based on consumer preferences.


Innovation is a key driver of Manpasand’s growth strategy. With a modest budget at hand, Manpasand has dedicated itself to intensive R&D to bring out nutritious and healthier fruit drinks. At Manpasand Beverages, high-speed PET bottle lines and tetra pack lines are installed at multiple locations to ensure delivery of great fruit drink round the clock. Providing quality products that meets the desired standards of quality and food safety has been Manpasand’s top priority.


Manpasand Beverages also expanded its nutritional beverage portfolio with the launch of its newest brand “Siznal.” Positioned as a healthy and functional beverage, Siznal offers a range of innovative juices that are a blend of fruits and vegetables with the goodness of honey. The brand doesn’t contain any preservatives or added sugar and is high on nutritional value. “Siznal” offers bold flavours that not only nourish one’s body, but satiates the taste buds too.”


With an aim to introduce more innovative and traditional products, Manpasand entered the traditional drink segment with its brand ‘Jeera Sip’, earlier this summer. With a strong commitment to quality, the Company looks at its product portfolio that is bound to strike a note with health conscious customers.